Kalle Järvenpää

Born in 1979 in Karl-Marx-Stadt and based in Helsinki, I am a multidisciplinary designer with a background in graphic design. My current focus is shared between product, interaction and generative design.

My design ethos can be characterized by utilization of the latest technology and science as well as conceptual clarity and rigour. Most importantly, however, a design must have a conceptual core that evokes an emotional response in the user. The choice of form and technology are subservient to this.

I believe the best projects are ones where one has to dive headlong onto unknown territory. This both forces one to rapidly expand one’s own learning, and creates opportunities for novel results by transferring knowledge between domains. In this vein, I’m currently researching the use of machine learning in font creation.

I’ve worked with a variety of clients from big to small: Stockmann department store, the City of Helsinki and Hotel St. George to name a few. Please, also see the more comprehensive list of clients.