Publications projects

Mint of Finland brand identity

Mint of Finland symbol
In 2009, Köln designed a new brand identity for Mint of Finland (Suomen Rahapaja). In addition to the typical deliverables, packaging and exhibition stands were redesigned. Köln also designed and produced a coin-tossing iPhone app, which was awarded in the annual Vuoden huiput competition organised by the graphic designers’ association of Finland.

Directors’ Institute of Finland brand identity

Directors’ Institute of Finland monogram
Köln created a new brand identity for the Finnish board professionals’ association, Hallitusammattilaiset ry. The brand renewal coincided with a marketing name change as the old one had some negative connotations. Köln also reconcepted and redesigned the association’s magazine, Boardview.

COMI brand identity

COMI symbol
The Helsinki University Conflict Management Institute or COMI brand identity was designed to stand out from the visual traditions of the legal trade as the institute itself tries to find alternative means of resolving disputes.